The weirdest racing video games

You have probably played really weird video games, but were they as weird as our top three of the weirdest racing games ever? Check it out!

In 1994 Nintendo launched a racing game called Uniracers to show their competition, which was SEGA, that they could have a racing game similar to Sonic. They wanted to make a statement that the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)could also habdle high speed and pre-rendered graphics. So, jealousy and competitive quarrels ended up creating a weird racing game that has an animated red unicycle as the main character. Besides, Pixar field a complaint over plagiarism against DMA Design because they considered that the idea of an anthropomorphic racing unicycle was stolen from their  animated short film Red’s Dream made in 1987. They won and Nintendo was forbidden to develop more cartridges of Uniracers. In the game the unicycle performs pirouettes and stunts but it actually lacks of the adrenaline and excitement of a racing game.

One of the strangest racing games ever made is for sure Happy WheelsIt’s a physics-based game created by Total Jerkface where the characters race on the weirdest vehicles ever like a wheelchair, a segway, or a Walmart scooter. But the weird part is that any type of bump can cause the most violent accident ever. Your character can be dismembered several times but still race until he dies. One of the most difficult games to control but also one of the most famous and popular free online gaes ever. The bloody part and the ridiculousness has helped obtaining rows and rows of fans.

And probably the weirdest racing game ever made is Japan World Cup 3. This japanese games is just strange. It isn’t a racing game per se because you play by betting on a computer-generated horse race, but it’s for sure the strangest horse race you have ever seen. There are basically no rules. Take into account that it’s a japanese game, and japanese are well known for doing perfect weird stuff. In this game you will see horses transforming into giraffes, then elephants and the who knows, in the middle of the race. You will also see them run on two legs. And any type of creature racing on the track. A non sense game.