The best tank moments in video games

Driving a tank is a a dream for many of us, and video games make it more accessible. Some of our favorite games feature tanks and have brought us the most epic missions and battle of the video gaming history.

For example, the classic Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye 007 made us drive a tank as James Bond through the streets of St. Petesburg. One of the most epic video game tank moments even if now the graphics look quite poor and are not as impressive as most of the games nowadays.

In Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood gamers were given the opportunity to drive Leonardo Da Vinci’s tank. Quite a great experience since he was the father of modern engineering and had actually designed the first prototypes of these killing machines. Therefore we can say it is even an honor to drive such an invention and a great idea to apply it in a video game.

History was once again a great source of inspiration for this game. In Call of Duty gamers were tasked to hunt down the famous German tank commander “The Black Baron” and to create a legendary battle between tanks. If you want to fight with tanks against your friends you must try Tank Trouble.

And, of course, the classic Atari game Tank created un 1974 was the fathr of every tank video game and even inspired the tank mission of Saints Row: The Third. In this game the tank is made of gigantic pixels as a gesture towards Atari game. Besides it’s a hilarious scene where you have to cause damages of millions and millions of dollars in a limited time. Almost like a contest. And who doesn’t love to destroy things? And if it is aboard a tank it’s so much better!

The best way to enjoy tanks is playing video games featuring them.