Puzzle video games are good for your brain

Benefits of vide games have been studied for a long time -and still are- and the conlcusions of this scientific researchs are that video games have the ability to improve mental fitness. Now, a new study reveals that puzzle video games can improve aspects of cognition.

The study made by Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore, showed that adults who had played regularly Cut the Rope, a physics-based puzzle video game, had improved executive functions and only by playing an hour per day. In order to make decisions in your everyday life you need executive brain functions.

A Spanish study based on the puzzle-adventure video game Professor Layton discovered that this type of games can modify the morphology of the brain and it even increases the volume of grey matter. After a month of playing this game, the gamers’ brains had gotten stronger and helped improving the learning process.

It is clear that solving the problems that puzzle video games provide helps your brain to find solutions and answers, which means that it makes it stronger. Games like Fireboy and Watergirl make your concentration grow and your brain has to work harder to solve the puzzles and problems exposed.

When some players were asked to play various types of video games only the ones who played puzzle video games showed significant improvement on executive function tasks, which are important for general intelligence, multitasking and dealing with new situations.

It is also well known that a video games usual player has the ability of switching tasks faster than anybody else, as well as adapting to a new situation and creating new strategies. They are also better at blocking out distractions and focusing on the specific task they are accomplishing at that moment.

Your brain need a training just as your body need physical exercise. Puzzle video games are an entertaining way to make your brain sweat!